April 5

zombie outbreak

My assignment is right here -> https://mrewert.edublogs.org/2016/04/04/the-zombie-outbreak-is-here/

If there was a zombie outbreak and I needed to prepare I would…

What will I do when the outbreak happens?

I will probably start to prepare. I would run away from them before they could get me and go tell people about it. I would try


I would want to get food that doesn’t expire because you never know how long the zombies will be there.

For example




And maple syrup


I would mostly get water. I would need a lot of water because it only takes like 4 day to die without water.

I could get juice because it takes a long time for juice to go bad.

Who would I go with?

I would go with kylie Brittany and chloe. Because they are smart people and they can help me with ideas.


Supplies that I would get would be

A backpack for I don’t have to hold anything. I would want rope to help me make a fire. I might even need the rope to climb a tree. I might need to climb a tree if there is a zombie trying to get me.

A map and a pencil for I can keep track of where I am and a safety kit.


In the safety kit I would have polysporn band aids. I would aslo have Advil and Tylenol just in case I get sick and a teensier bandage in case I sprain something.


For weapons I would have a knife an ax and gun just in case.

Where I would go?

I would want to go near water. Maybe beside a lake or a river for I can drink water. There is usally trees by water so that is good. I might need to make a fire to stay warm so I can use sticks.




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