March 13

Math – March 14 – Probability

PART A – This week we are reviewing our probability.  The Gr.7’s and Gr.8’s have a common assignment this week.  Complete #’s 1-7.

To review ways of expressing probability you can access our former lesson on assignment 7.5 below

This week we are doing assignment 7.6 and where we are determining the probability of events.  We will do all of this in person in class, however, if you still need some extra help then check out the lesson on this from last year.  Students are assigned all numbers in this assignment.

20.05.11 grade 7 8 assignment – probability tree diagrams – 7.6

PART B –  As previously mentioned, the Grade 7s and 8s are doing a common assignment this week.  Part B of the assignment will be from the Grade 8 textbook as shown below.  This takes our probability one step further.

You are completing assignment 7.4 – 4 – 14

20.03.09 grade 8 – solving problems involving independent events – 7.4

Note: Grade 8’s may find it helpful to review the previous lessons on probability.

For even more help you can check out the additional video lessons from Grade 7 – assignemnt 7.3 on probability.

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