October 28

Grade 4-5 Sci. – Carbohydrates – Simple (like sugar) to Complex (like cereals)

Today we talked about different types of carbohydrates ranging from simple carbohydrates like sugars to complex ones like breads and cereals.  We discussed the difference between the two of them using information from this website.

Then we talked about simple carbohydrates in our foods that we eat at snack time.  We compared how much sugar was in our edible and drinkable snacks and figured out how much sugar we are consuming at snack time.  We worked on an assignment discussing the amount of sugar in a snack and calculated how much sugar is in various snacks.

We discussed fats and took notes from this website.

Then we learned about eating a good breakfast.

We watched a short video called “Effects of a bad breakfast” and looked at some information on this webpage.

Assignment: Students were asked to plan out a healthy breakfast using a template handed out in class.

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