October 26

Particle Theory of Matter

Today we talked about the particle theory of matter.Β  To start we watched a short video that introduced us to the basic rules of particles.

Assignment: What are the rules of particle theory?

  • Your assignment is to write down the basic rules of particle theory and include a real-world example for each one.Β  There is a catch though: you can’t use any of the examples that are given in the video.
  • Example:
    • Rule #1: Everything is made up of particles
      • The air around me right now is made up of particles and so is the chair I am sitting on.
    • Rule #2:…
      • etc., etc.
  • Please write on lined paper with your name and the dateΒ  in the top right corner and hand in on the white shelf marked “particle theory”
  • Watch the video below to get the rules straight

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