October 26

If were in hunger games

IMG_20151016_085037[1]The first thing I would do is run as fast as I can to  the middle of the map and get all the supplies I can, then I would meet up with my partner and find out how much supplies they have after we will go hunting.

The rest of this is in my perspective.

The hunting went wrong, I lost my partner and my supplies. So I went to find more supplies. After a half hour I found a BOW!

The bow I found had zero arrows, but as I was about to walk away  an arrow whizzed past me, so I ran picked up the arrow turned around and fired. I looked up at who it was, it was my partner and for some odd reason I felt my district yell at me. But I continued, I killed three more people, and it was just me and 1 of district 5’s tributes.

I saw him, he saw me, it was night time and I heard a wolf howling. But  I aimed at him, shot, but sadly missed. I only had one arrow left. he ran so I couldn’t see him, a few moments later he came from behind me. I turned, shot. there was the buzzer

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