March 9

My Favourite Types of Ice cream

I love ice cream so much, i wish i could eat it all the time. I have some top favourites so i will share them with you guys, let me know if you like them to. MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE is probably BUBBLE GUM. omg bubble gum is like my fav icecream, whenever we go to gimli i will always probably get it. The ice cream is blue mixed with a tinge of pink, and there is also mini pieces of bubble gum its just AMAZING.

Image result for bubble gum ice cream

Image result for bubble gum ice creamImage result for bubble gum ice cream

Another Icecream i LOVE is Birthday cake i love this ice cream because it kinda tastes like vanilla but way better with little mini rainbow sprikles. I guess its supoosed to taste like vanilla cake batter, the first time i tried it was in teulon, and its was at this icecream place after our soccer tourny. It was soooo good and i will probably get it again. Here is a pic.

Image result for birthday cake ice cream

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