March 5

Airplane Wings Explained

Today we learned how airplane wings stay in the air.  By making wings out of paper we demonstrated that the wing splits the airstream creating two air streams; one above the wing and one below the wing.  The top of the wing is longer making the air travel faster.  This creates a low-pressure vacuum above the wing pulling the aircraft upward.  See the assignment/lab, pictures, and video below.

Click on the link below for a copy of the assignment/lab

15.03.05 hands on science grade 6 – flight – Wing shape lift assignment

15.03.05 Airplane wings explained 2 15.03.05 Airplane wings explained 20150305_144909[1]

Lakelyn and Mr. Ewert explain airplane wings

Bill Nye the Science Guy – Flight

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March 4

February Newsletter For Grade 6-7E

Grade 6 – 7 Mr. Jay Ewert – Winnipeg Beach School

Grade 6 – 7 Mr. Jay Ewert

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March 3, 2015
February was a big month (like most of them) as we continued to explore new areas of learning.  In ELA students wrote about hero’s journeys, short stories, and made comic books.  In Math the grade 6 studied adding decimals and comparing fractions.  In Social Studies we studied early Canadian history in the formation of the sea to sea railway, First nations treaties (and homework treaties), and the Saskatchewan Metis rebellion.  We also had extensive reading as part of “I Love to Read Month”.

6-7E1.jpgIn Language Arts students were excited to create comic books on line using to create comics introducing themselves.  They are currently on display in the hallway at the front entrance of the school.  Or you can go to this link to read the comics the class has been publishing.    See the post on our blog for this.







We also studied about the Hero’s Journey (a famous outline of popular fiction structure) in order to see the connection between most popular fiction today.  Students observed a movie called “Spirited Away” to argue the popular story structure.  See the post on our blog for this.

Students enjoyed observing the creative talents of Ray Bradbury by reading and viewing “All Summer in a Day”.  This was a great topic opener for bullying as observed in our Day of Pink.  See our post on the blog for this.



We celebrated the famous Day of Pink by wearing pink to show our solidarity against bullying.  Students enjoyed showing their support and discussing bullying and what “standing up” can look like.

6-7E4.jpgWe enjoyed “I Love to Read Month”.  We had DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) throughout the month.  We started reading “Hatchet” by Gary Paulson, and we had the honour of having the Minister of Education himself (Peter Bjornson) visit us as a guest reader.  See our blog post on this.

6-7E6.jpgWe studied first nations treaties (especially Treaty 2 and 6 which cover the land of Winnipeg and our very own Winnipeg Beach).  To practice treaties we made a homework treaty for our very own classroom.  Check out the treaty we made in the picture below.  See the blog posts on Treaty Education.

In Social Studies we are currently studying the crating of the railway from Sea to Sea, treaties with First Nation and the Metis rebellion in Saskatchewan.  Students enjoyed learning about this time in history by watching “Canada: A People’s History” showing the events we are studying.  You should watch it online by visiting our blog post.

There was still so much more that happened.  Visit our class blog to keep up and see what else we are doing in our classroom community.


March 4

Science – flight Experiments – Balloon in a Bottle and Air Flow to Blow Out a Candle

today we discussed how air is a fluid.  It take up space and can flow around objects.  We did some experiments such as blowing up a balloon in a bottle and attempting to blow out a candle from behind objects.  Please see the pictures and videos below to observe our experiments.

Assignment: The assignment for the “Balloon in a Bottle” experiment was to fill out a lab report on the experiment.  Please click the link below to get a copy of a lab report.  The assignment for the candle experiment was to answer the essential questions the students created.  To access those questions watch the video of the experiment below.

15.03.03 science lab outline a


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March 3

Flight – Introduction to Air as a Fluid – Flying and Swimming

Students had some conversation about how air is a fluid similar to water.  We discussed common characteristics of animals that fly and swim as well as characteristics of plants and seeds that travel on the wind.  Check out the mindmaps below to see how some of our conversation went.   We also discussed how air takes up space and has mass (density).  See the picture below of the experiment we did (trick of how to immerse paper towel in water without getting it wet).

See the link to the assigned activity below:

15.03.02 hands on science grade 6 – flight – characteristics of flight

20150303_085415[1] 20150302_142431[1]  15.03.02 fluids - paper towel water experiment

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