April 27

Math – May 1 – Probability Review and Unit Final

The Grade 7s and 8s are doing a common assignment this week.  Part B of the assignment will be from the Grade 8 textbook as shown below.  This takes our probability one step further.

You are completing assignment 7.4 – 4 – 14

20.03.09 grade 8 – solving problems involving independent events – 7.4

Note: Grade 8’s may find it helpful to review the previous lessons on probability.

For even more help you can check out the additional video lessons from Grade 7 – assignemnt 7.3 on probability.



April 20

Math – April 24

The Grade 7/8 Assignment: Grade 7 textbook, working on assignment 8.1 and 8.2.  On 8.1 they are to complete #’s

19.04.12 grade 7 – parallel and perpendicular lines – 8.1-8.2-18jxzej

Below is the original lesson for this using pencil, paper, and geometry tools (feel free if you have those to do this the original way.  If you don’t have a geometry set I have made another video (below) that shows how to use this handy online tool to complete your assignment.  Note: I have not tested this on an iphone etc.  I anticipate it may not work on them.  However, a quick search on the app story reveals MANY options for apps you can use to do this, then take screen shots for you to use.  Or, you could try installing a browser that uses flash such as flashfox and then the link below should work for you even on an apple device.

Here is the link for a great hands on tool to do geometry on a pc or device.  It is the website I used to make the video lesson below.


The Grade 8 Assignment: Grade 8’s will complete questions 4 – 15 of assignment 4.8 “Volume of a Right Cylinder”

19.04.1521 Grade 8 – volume of cylinders – 4.8-uy8t6i

April 12

Math April 12 – gr.7 Angle Bisectors Gr.8 Solving Problems With Fractions

This week the grade 7’s are completing their bisectors work with assignment 8.4 while the grade 8’s continuing their work with fractions in the form of Word Problems

Gr. 7 Assignment: Grade 7’s are to complete assignment 8.4 (Questions 2-8).  Be sure to watch the video below closely to learn how to do all the examples from this assignment.  Also, if you wish to do some of the geometry in a digital way, be sure to watch the second video on how to do this using the online tool at https://www.geogebra.org/geometry

19.04.29 grade 7 – constructing angle bisectors 8.4-27ljguk

I would like to take a moment here to nominate myself for the “best thumbnails that preview youtube videos” award.  I think youtube TRIES to take the most ridiculous frames for the preview.

Grade 8 Assignment: Grade 8’s are continuing their work on fractions by by addressing them with word problems.  This makes it VERY IMPORTANT that students utilize, estimation, question review, and to ask themselves “is my answer plausible?” prior to moving on to the next question.  Gr. 8’s are to complete #’s 3-14.

20.05.04 grade 8 – solving problems with fractions – 3.8

April 3

Links for Learning About the Moon

On Monday, April 3rd, NASA and the CSA will announce the four astronauts assigned to this exciting mission which will surely inspire the next generation of Canadian astronauts, scientists and engineers – just like the Apollo missions over 50 years ago inspired past generations.

Today we are going to watch a live broadcast announcing which Canadians will be going to the moon.  This will be the first time in over 40 years since Canadians have gone to the moon! Follow the links below to join us.

Link to where we are watching 

Biographies of CSA astronauts

Toolkit for educators and youth – Artemis and the Moon

Artemis II: the first crewed mission around the Moon in half a century