April 30

Photography – Basic Rules of…

Students have studied some of the basic rules of photography.  Check out the assignment observed in class.

15.03.24 7 rules of photography assignment 2

There are many such as…

  • The rule of thirds
  • leading lines
  • balanced elements
  • symmetry
  • patterns
  • viewpoint
  • background simplicity
  • framing
  • cropping
  • positive and negative space
  • colour usage
  • texture
  • dominant eye
  • depth
  • …and many more possible guidelines

Check out these online resources for help in understanding the basic rules of photography.




youtube videos:

Check out some of the photography projects shared by students…

1 rule of composition


5 Rules of composition riley

Composition Austin

Composition By miguel

Composition Holden


Five rules of Photography

Lakelyn’s Composition Photography Assignment ~

Montana The 5 photo rules compostion

TJ The Art of Composing Pictures

brandon The Art of composing pictures(editer)

More to come in the next few days.

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