November 21

Math – Nov. 21 Adding and Multiplying Fractions 2.0

Today the Gr. 7’s started looking at adding fractions symbolically with numbers as a follow up to our work the previous week using models. The Grade 8’s are also extending last week’s skills and are working on multiplying fractions using models.  See the assignments and videos below.

18.11.21 grade 7 – using symbols to add fractions – 5.3-27w9tkt

Grade 7’s complete questions 1-10


18.11.20 gr 8 – using models to multiply fractions – 3.2-2o0bpt3

Grade 8’s complete questions 5-17



November 14

Diffusion, Osmosis and Osmotic Balance

As part of our studies on cells and the human body students are learning about the concepts of diffusion and osmosis to study the respiration of human cells and more.  To learn the basic vocabulary for this topic click the link below for

We will also be watching a video in class (it was shared on the “General” channel on Teams) and taking notes as a class to learn of the basic concepts we need to know.

Then: We are working on a gummy bear lab to see diffusion at it’s best.  Check out all the materials below for our lab.  Note: students are filling out their worksheets association with the lab but they will also be doing a formal lab write-up which follows the 20.09.16 LAB REPORT TEMPLATE – good one and which should be the first paper in the Science section of their binder.

20.10.20 gummi bear lab 18.11.06 Gummy Bear Lab2

WHAT YOU ARE TO HAND IN FOR THIS ASSIGNMENT: Students are to hand in several items for this assignment.  Please have them stapled together in this order.

  1. Notes on Diffusion taken in class when watching the video (shared in class and on Teams)
  2. The “Tea Bag Diffusion” sheet we did in class whilst working with the powerpoint (also posted on Teams)
  3. The vocabulary sheet given out in class (the quizlet one)
  4. The Gummy Bear Lab results recording sheets (you don’t have to fill out the explanations, only the tables)
  5. One Formal Lab that closely follows the steps outlined in your formal lab template (handedo ut at the beginning of the school year and should be in the very front of the Science section of your binder)

Here is the “procedure” of the lab.  In the “procedure” section of the lab you can just write “see Mr. Ewert’s Blog from Nov 14,2022 for the procedure”.

Procedure: we’re going to measure our gummy bears with a ruler to measure their height and width. Then we will measure their mass by using a digital scale. We will put the bears into our cup of water for 24 hours. Then we will take the bears out to measure their height, with, and mass again.

when we are finished measuring the bears on the two we will add 35 grams of salt to the water, which will increase the overall density of the water, and then leave the bears for another 24 hours.



November 8

My favorite hockey team

The Winnipeg jets are my favorite Hockey team because they have a few of my favorite players. My few favorite players are Mason Appleton, Kyle Connor, Pierre-Luc Dubois, Nikolaj Ehlers, and Mark Scheifele. My favorite goaltender is Connor Hellebuyck, the jets also have a few old Hockey players that I liked as well. There were only around 4 players that used to be on the jets, and they are Patrick Laine, Dustin Byfuglien, Jacob Trouba, and Andrea Ladd. My old favorite goaltender is Laurent Brossoit.

The jets are not just my favorite Hockey team because of the players, it’s also from how they play. When they play, they play, they play like other teams play, rough and also careful. it’s not just how they play rough and careful, it’s also because they have some more skill than other teams too. There is also one more thing that it is how they play. That last thing is

My last thing I like about the Jets is because of their logo. Their logo makes me like them because it supports the RCAF/ the Royal Canadian Air Force. The colors that support the RCAF is the white circle, the red maple leaf in the center, and the blue edging around the ring of the logo. The jets logo is also a Tribute to the RCAF pilots who risk their lives every month. The plane on the jet’s logo is a McDonnel Douglas CF-18 Hornet.

Thats why the jets are my favorite Hockey team in the NHL.

Royal Canadian Air Force (RCAF) | The Canadian Encyclopedia

Winnipeg Jets Logo, symbol, meaning, history, PNG (


November 4

M&M Vs. Reeses Pieces

Welcome to my blog! Today I will find out which one is better,  M&M or Reese’s Pieces. I will be telling you the quality’s of each chocolate.


First up, I will be talking about M&M, M&M is a chocolate made with peanuts (some of them) and is covered in a shell, M&M has different flavours like, M&M Mint, Caramel, Peanut, No peanut (plain). The shells also have different colour’s, I don’t know if the shells give it a different taste or not, but overall, M&M would get a 7/10.


Next up, Reese’s Pieces. Reese’s is also a chocolate with peanut butter. Reese’s is just like a cupcake but filled with peanut butter , people with peanut allergies, sorry. There is also a type where it has the shell covering the peanut butter. It also has a ice cream flavour. Overall I would rate it 5/10, it just has TOO many peanuts in it.


Anyway that is it for my blog, like again it is your opinion, Bye!



November 4

Xbox or PlayStation?

Xbox or PlayStation, a question yet to be answered, some people say Xbox, and others say PlayStation.

Today I will find out which one is the better one. I will see 2 games from each console.


So first we will see which console has the better games, first we will do Xbox games. Xbox has a good variety of games, first, we have forza horizon, forza is a racing game, exclusively for the Xbox console, it’s a racing game where you can race other people, the graphics are beautiful from what I heard, I’ve seen people play it and it looks pretty cool too. Next, we will do Halo, I heard Halo a lot! Halo is what made Xbox what it is, Halo is a shooter game (I don’t know if its FPS or 3 person) but I heard it has a cool storyline.


Second, we are now doing PlayStation, I personally use the PS4. First, we will do God of War, the game what made PlayStation what it is today, God of War is a storyline game that takes place in the Viking era, you fight strong people that wants you dead and you do a bunch of quest. Next, we are doing Rachet and Clank, Ratchet and Clank is a popular PlayStation game, and it is also a storyline game, like God of War, you also do quest. Rachet heard a crash in the distant where he will soon find Clank, a robot from space who will be Rachet partner, rachet wanted to be in a team of superhero’s but got rejected.


Anyway, that is it for this blog, people say graphics matter but what I say is what entertains you, there is really no answer to this, it’s just opinions and people that fight over which one is better, I just think it’s dumb, it’s really just your choice, which entertains you the most? Rember do NOT fight about console’s, it’s all entertainment.