February 13

Mythbusters – Archimedes Death Ray – Optics – Science

Today we are watching some Mythbusters and looking specifically at how Archimedes attempted to make a death ray using soldier’s shields as reflective surfaces.  Do you think it is possible to use the reflected sun as a weapon?  Check out the worksheet from class and the episode below. Note: The video watched in class was regular speed and streamed from discovery education (which requires further passwords).  However, the video below also has the segments covered in this lesson (but you have to skip through a bit).

19.01.23 mythbusters – myth of the death ray – questions and exit slip-1s782gx


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January 24

Today in Science – Optics

Today we introduced optics and did two experiments.  For the first we created a lab format complete with title, problem, materials, procedure, and hypothesis taking educated guesses about what would happen when we looked at the arrow through a glass of water.  See the video from class below and the similar one found online.

For the second experiment we used ray boxes to create shadow with umbra and penumbra.  We drew and labelled these.

Here is a copy of the work sheet for this from class.

19.01.23 ray diagrams-zls4iy

Then we started watching Bill Nye the Science Guy – Optics

Here is the work sheet from class and the video itself.

19.01.23 bill_nye_light_optics_video_worksheet_with_key (1)-2mxwn89

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November 13

VR in the Heart and Circulatory System

Today we are going into the human heart.  You are to watch the videos below in order to see the inside workings of the human heart and circulatory system.

Warning: read these instructions carefully to view the videos correctly.

To do this you will need to use either the VR headsets in class or just the youtube app on a smart device.

Note: do not watch the videos in these direct links if using a smart device or you will not get the 360 effect.  Also, when using a smart device you will need to touch the cardboard icon to make it stereoscopic in your viewer (if using vr headset).  Since you are searching on the youtube app please search fro the appropriate title indicated for each video.

If you are not using a cardboard or vr headset you can also just use the youtube app on your smart device or a netbook/laptop and use your mouse to look around inside the video.

Start with the video below to see how the inside of a blood vessel looks with the red blood cells floating within the plasma.  Search for “celluvr”

Next. watch the video below.  Search for “human circulatory system” by getschoolednow.  If you want to watch this video in vr then just hit the settings icon and select the cardboard icon


Once you have watched the heart video check out this vr representation that puts you fight into the right ventrical of the heart.

And finally, just for fun, here is the cartoony representation of the human heart.

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October 4

Discovery Education – Cells

This assignment is a personal research assignment.  You will go online to discovery education, open the “science techbook”, “investigating cells”, “concept 3.2 cell theory”, to gather information, take notes (in Chicago style), and answer the essential questions at this link.  You will hand in all your notes, your official responses and a rubric filled out to show you self-assessment of your assignment.

18.10.02 Cell Theory essential questions-11n8heb

18.05.16 science response rubric-173ntc5