May 5

Optics – Discrepant Events

Today we are doing some mini-labs based on the following video.  For each of these you are to create a mini-lab consisting of…



Procedure: see video on class blog




We will watch these together in class.  If you are at home, then you are to complete your problem/hypothesis, and hypothesis prior to watching the video.

For the next video watch only until 1:25, then do up to your hypothesis…then watch the rest of the video to complete the experiment.

For this last video, first predict what will happen when he puts th am radio in the cage.  Be sure to back up your prediction with past knowledge and experience.

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March 19

Mythbusters – Archimedes Death Ray – Optics – Science

Today we are watching some Mythbusters and looking specifically at how Archimedes attempted to make a death ray using soldier’s shields as reflective surfaces.  Do you think it is possible to use the reflected sun as a weapon?  Check out the worksheet from class and the episode below. Note: The video watched in class was regular speed and streamed from discovery education (which requires further passwords).  However, the video below also has the segments covered in this lesson (but you have to skip through a bit).

19.01.23 mythbusters – myth of the death ray – questions and exit slip-1s782gx


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March 1

Today in Science – Optics

Today we are attempting to explain what the heck happened with the arrow and the glass yesterday.

Step 1) follow this link to our quizlet vocabulary online and practice getting to know and learning about some of the basic concepts

Step 2) Watch Bill Nye to get some more info that may help us

Step 3) Watch the video below to help you out with your explanation by observing it again with your newfound knowledge.

Then we started watching Bill Nye the Science Guy – Optics

Here is the work sheet from class and the video itself.

19.01.23 bill_nye_light_optics_video_worksheet

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January 18

Science – What is Life?

*If you were to ask someone “What is life?” it would likely be a very difficult question to answer period it seems like a simple idea when you first think of it but once you get into the details you realize that there must be a lot to consider there. What characteristics define a life?  today we’re going to brainstorm a little bit about this and see if we can come up with some rules to live by as to what defines what life is. Use the chart below to record your findings.

We will brainstorm what is life in small groups and then come together to discuss what criteria must be met for a thing to be considered “living”.  Then we will watch a video on paramecium and see if they make the cut.

Then fill out your forms, make up your own definition of life.

21.01.18 Characteristics of Life

Here is the video on paramecium


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