October 28

Grade 4-5 Sci. – Carbohydrates – Simple (like sugar) to Complex (like cereals)

Today we talked about different types of carbohydrates ranging from simple carbohydrates like sugars to complex ones like breads and cereals.  We discussed the difference between the two of them using information from this website.

Then we talked about simple carbohydrates in our foods that we eat at snack time.  We compared how much sugar was in our edible and drinkable snacks and figured out how much sugar we are consuming at snack time.  We worked on an assignment discussing the amount of sugar in a snack and calculated how much sugar is in various snacks.

We discussed fats and took notes from this website.

Then we learned about eating a good breakfast.

We watched a short video called “Effects of a bad breakfast” and looked at some information on this webpage.

Assignment: Students were asked to plan out a healthy breakfast using a template handed out in class.

October 26

Grade 4/5 Health Nutrition

Today we looked at food labels to compare the differences between our foods.

  • We started by looking at an American McDonald’s menu showing the calories of each meal
    • This started the conversation
  • Then we worked in small groups comparing different labels we have saved from our lunch breaks
    • We noted which foods had the most…
      • fats
      • carbohydrates
      • sodium
      • …and more
        • We used this chart and these labels to record our findings (link pending technical difficulties with edublogs)
    • We got active by acting out the different foods and ordering ourselves from greatest to least.
  • We watched this video

  • We reviewed our notes from the previous talks on nutrition (link pending technical difficulties with edublogs)
  • Then we used this graphing template to graph the different nutrients and vitamins in our foods.  Can you guess what food you are looking at by looking only at the nutritional content? (link pending technical difficulties with edublogs)
October 19

Grade 4/5 Nutrition – Bill Nye knows what’s good for you

Today we are going to talk about nutrition with a focus on food labels.  To discuss this we started on kidshealth.org and asked questions about what foods are healthy for our bodies.  We also watched Bill Nye to learn about general nutrition in our diets.  We enj0yed this handy website to play some nutrition games online.

kids health:





January 25

Gr. 4-5 Science – Habitats and Communities

Unit – Habitats and Communities

Last week of Jan.

*Jan. 23 – Students are studying how plants animals survive in different habitats.  Today we talked about what we already know about “survival” and “habitats”.  See the pictures below for the mind-webs of our classroom conversation.


*Jan. 28 – We will be watching “BBC Life – Challenges of Life” to observe how different plants and animals adapt to their environments.  Check out the video below and the assignment that we did along with it.

15.01.23 bbc – challenges of life – assignment


*Jan. 27 – We will be reviewing our previous conversation about survival and habitats by observing the powerpoints shared in the links below as well as the video (also below).

habitats (1)

Habitats for Plants and Animals