January 25

Gr. 4-5 Science – Habitats and Communities

Unit – Habitats and Communities

Last week of Jan.

*Jan. 23 – Students are studying how plants animals survive in different habitats.  Today we talked about what we already know about “survival” and “habitats”.  See the pictures below for the mind-webs of our classroom conversation.


*Jan. 28 – We will be watching “BBC Life – Challenges of Life” to observe how different plants and animals adapt to their environments.  Check out the video below and the assignment that we did along with it.

15.01.23 bbc – challenges of life – assignment


*Jan. 27 – We will be reviewing our previous conversation about survival and habitats by observing the powerpoints shared in the links below as well as the video (also below).

habitats (1)

Habitats for Plants and Animals


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