November 8

Math – Nov. 12

Today the Gr. 7’s started looking at adding fractions symbolically with numbers as a follow up to our work the previous week using models. The Grade 8’s are also extending last week’s skills and are working on multiplying fractions using models.  See the assignments and videos below.

18.11.21 grade 7 – using symbols to add fractions – 5.3-27w9tkt

Grade 7’s complete questions 1-10


18.11.20 gr 8 – using models to multiply fractions – 3.2-2o0bpt3

Grade 8’s complete questions 5-13



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November 4

Tai Asks Why – Health Class – Bullying

Today we talked about bullying in specific reference the the podcast called “Tai Asks Why” on CBC radio.

Here is a copy of the assignment/response from class.

19.11.04 tai ask why – bullying

Follow the transcript of the podcast here to help you search up answers/responses from the assignment.

19.11.04 tai ask why – bullying – notes


October 30

Finding Symbols

We have been discussing how to find symbols in literature when reading our book The Giver. Students are asked to draw pictures of objects that come up in the book and follow the steps below to declare what they may be a symbol of.

  1. The

The video below explains the process well.


October 30

Create a mini lab for the experiment below.  The title for this experiment is “How Water Vs Cold Water Convection”.

Now that you have completed observing the experiment you should watch this video prior to completing your conclusion.



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