April 3

The Displaced – a 360 Video About 3 Child Refugees

Today we are going on a virtual tour following 3 child refugees on their journeys.  Join these children for their story and then use the assignment linked below to complete your responses.

Please note: If you are watching this video you have two options.  You can either watch in a browser and use the arrows or your cursor to turn around or you can use the official youtube app on a smartphone with a vr viewer to d othe full immersive vr experience (I suggest this one).

Download the response assignment here.

16.02.09 The Displaced – 360 REfugee Video

April 2

Math Assignments for the Week – April 4

This week we are all look at data in some way.  The grade 7’s are discuss median and mode and the grade 8’s are looking at using tables and formula’s to extrapolate data.

Grade 7’s : You are working on median and mode which is assignment 7.1 in your text.

18.04.02 gr 7 – mean and mode 7.1-2ifzit5

Grade 8’s : You are working on Creating a Table of Values which is assignment 6.6 in your text.  You are to complete numbers 4-15.

18.03.21 gr 8 – creating a table of values – 6.6-1sofehy


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March 22

How to Create Your Bibliography for you Plastic Research Project

Image result for bibliographyToday you will learn the online automatic way to generate a bibliography for your research paper.  Whenever submitting work of your own that uses the ideas of other people you MUST cite your sources to give credit to the original people who did the work first.  Also, by citing direct evidence and quotations of people in your research you are also borrowing from their credibility.  For example: if I said that there are estimated to be more than 200,000 galaxies, each with over 200,000 stars on average that sounds like a pretty big claim for a teacher from Arborg that doesn’t even own a telescope.  But if I quoted this fact from Dr. Stephen Hawking as stated in his book A Brief History of the Universe, then it would sound pretty believable.  I have borrowed his credibility to support my own research!

Here is a link to a great free bibliography website and a video on how to use it.


here are some more cites that should work too.  Sometimes after the first bibliography the website asks you to turn off the ad blocker.  If this happens then just use another site for your next citation.