January 15

Virtual Reality

i recently went to a virtual reality arcade in Winnipeg.  i have never experienced something so unique and mind blowing.  The place was ran by 2 Ukrianian/Russian people (i couldn’t really tell) and seemed like a great business idea.  they used Virtual Reality machines called HTC Vive.  being inside a virtual reality is completely different than playing a game or watching a movie on a TV.  you get immersed after time, and all connection to the real world is cut off because you have headphones on as well as the headset.  games have good graphics, and fun interactive worlds.  i would definitely go again.

January 15

The Bearded Dragon

The Bearded Dragon is also known “The Dragon”. They are naturally found in Australia, but are kept in zoos all other the place. They are a pretty small lizard in body size, but with their tail they are pretty long (24 inches).

They normally eat insects, crickets, and worms. They are much more active at night, and though out they day they just sleep under a rock like most reptiles.

The Bearded Dragon is trusting, outgoing, and curious. They are quite and gentle lizard and the bearded dragon is the best to be put in zoos for children.

The Bearded Dragon is very territorial lizard and should be kept in a bug enclosure if the lizard are kept as a pet.


January 15

the ten greatest t.v shows of the 2010s

(in no order)

the Americans: about a KGB family implanted in Washington D.C

better call Saul: a Breaking bad spin-off about sleazebag lawyer Jimmy McGill

Game of Thrones: a adaption of George R.R Martins fantasy novels set in a fictional kingdom

The walking dead: a zombie apocalyptic show in its ninth season

The Expanse: in the future centuries we have colonized mars, the moon and the outer asteroids

The good place: 4 people who have died navigate their way through a crazy version of the afterlife

Fargo: a anthology show based on the coen brothers masterpiece set in the american mid-west

The leftovers: 4% of the earths population instantly disappears with no possible explanation it centres on a family navigating the militant government and cults

Brooklyn nine-nine: SNL alumni stars on this show about a police station

Hannibal: serial killer hannibal lector of the silence of the lambs TV show

January 15

zip lining

This Christmas i got the opportunity to go to porta vallarta, Mexico. I had lots of fun going there so what a better way to tell people than sharing it on my blog.

In mexico one of my favorite things that we did there was going zip lining! We had to take a long bus ride from the resort to up in the mountains where the zip lining was! There they got you all ready to zip line and then you were ready to go. When you where zip lining it felt so good! It felt like you were flying. The best part was when you were up on the line you could look down and see the beautiful mountains and rushing water! I recommend you go to mexico if you have not been.

January 15

Maria and I


    1. If you haven’t noticed, Maria and I are some real ogres. I am the true Fiona. See this picture above? That’s me when I had long hair. Anyway’s this video represents our favorite song. You should definitely listen to it. If we shreks like it then you probably will too! While you are listening to this, just imagine us dancing in shops and our amazing dance moves we get from TikTok.


January 14

Math Jan. 14/19

Today we are taking our linear equations from the previous weeks and putting them into action in different formats including tables and graphs.

Note: The video this week was unfortunately erased and so will not be included in this week’s materials.  Mr. Ewert is available during morning breaks and is more than happy to assist you to help in any way possible.


Grade 7’s are working on assignment 1.6 in the text and completing numbers 1-8

19.01.15 grade 7 – graphing relations – 1.6-2jjbiak

Grade 8’s are working on assignment 6.7 in the text and completing numbers 4-13

19.01.15 grade 8 – graphing linear equations – 6.7-webak2

Here is a very helpful video for the grade 8’s

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