December 4

Social Studies – Global Stories

Image result for newselaToday we are choosing from one of three articles to represent.  Students will write an article summary based upon their article.  They are to fill complete their summary either in formal handwriting or typed double-spaced.  Once students have completed their work they are to attach a rubric filled out declaring their projected assessment.

Once their assignment is physically handed in they are to post it on their blog and then submit a link to their blog posting when submitting their assignment on Edsby.

Here are the assignment items for download and print:

19.11.20 rubric – global stories

Choose one of the three articles below:

How Can It Be So Cold With Global Warming?

Young activists protest planned project to expand oil pipeline

Nepali climber summits world’s 14 highest mountains in record time



May 2

Living History: Living in Ancient Greece

Today students are independently watching the video Living History: Living in Ancient Greece.  They are to take notes on the video in order to prepare for an in-class assessment happening in the afternoon.  Students will be allowed to have any and all notes taken while previewing the video.