March 1

Book Talks

Storytelling Week - Tell-A-TaleToday we are preparing our book talks.  Book talks are a sales-pitch for one of your favourite books.  Over the course of the schoolyear you have been reading books and posting them on our online reading log.  Now it is time to pick your favourite one, prepare a pitch, and deliver.

Using this template…

21.03.22 book talk – with example

…prepare your presentation.  It is only about 3 min.  This template is a place to plan your presentation, NOT to write a script that you read word for word.  Please carefully note the rubric.  You are marked for eye contact, engagement, and visuals.  Some kids just have a copy of the book or a photocopy of the cover, but kids that are doing a great job have more.  Bring in an item that your character would have, make your own cover to show us and explain it, or dress up like a character from the book…or talk like they would talk.  Be creative, and remember: you are trying to convince us that this is a great book to read.

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