October 6

Heat Energy and Particle Theory

Today we’re going to test heat versus temperature. Are they the same thing? How does heat relate to temperature or are they one in the same?  Today we will be running an experiment Where we will dip our hands in different temperatures of water to observe our perception of heat and the temperature around us. To do this students will be asked to write a formal lab with all necessary sections including the two most important, hypothesis and conclusion. Students are HIGHLY ADVISED to use the 20.09.16 LAB REPORT TEMPLATE – good one which is found in the front of the science section in their binders as a reference to be sure that they have all aspects of a formal lab.

Please note that the papers given out in class, and linked below, are intended to assist the student in filling out their formal lab. When they have completed both the formal lab and the papers provided in class the student will staple them together for formal submission along 18.09.10 Lab Rubric (2). These are provided in class and connected in this link.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZPErStqSSMkWatch this video below and then observe the assignment materials followed in class.

Assignment/Lesson Materials (in addition to those linked to above):

17.10.04 temperature vs heat-16jkot6


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