January 27

Overwatch (Micro)

Overwatch was launched may 24th 2016 and only 7 months of the game being buyable in stores it was voted best game of the year, overwatches only developer is “Blizzard Entertainment”. Overwatch has 23 heroes to play as, every hero is listed in a category, Tanks: Attack: Defense: And Healer: I was told when I first started the game you should try a variate of characters so I listened to them and tried as many hero’s as possible and I now play over 10 heroes, I will list off my top 3, 1stRoad Hog, Road hog Is listed in the tank category and he pulls people in with his hook his hook can only go so far but when he catches a “Squishy” Your dead meat. A Squishy is a hero that’s under 200hp, “hp” health points, Road hog also has 2 tanks of gasoline and the drinks them and re-gains health, 2ndSolider76, solider76 is a hero with a assault rifle he has 3 ability’s a healing orb that he drops and slowly regains health, he has Helix Rockets that is basically a grenade launcher and dose lots of damage, 3rdTracer, Tracer has 2 ability’s and is really hard to catch she can sprint/teleport 3 times then it has to re-load and if she’s in danger all she has to do is back track, that takes her back to her original/last spot. All The Heros: Attack: Gengi, Mcree, Reaper, Phara, Tracer, Solider76, And Sombra. Defense: Mei, Bastion, Widowmaker, Hanzo, Junkrat, and torbjorn. Tanks: Road Hog, D.va, Winston, reinhardt, and Zaraya. Healers: Ana, Mercy, Lucio, Zenyatta, and symetra.


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  1. Yourboyjerah

    Your explanation of Overwatch was very good. I like how you explained all the characters and how you told the readers about the game developers. 🙂


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