January 27

My Favorite Show!

last summer I started watching the Fosters on Netflix. I had watched all 3 seasons and now i’m watching it with my mom and she obsessed with it. the main characters are Callie Jacob played by Maia Mitchell, Jude Jacob played by Hayden Byerly,  Brandon Foster played David Lambert, Mariana Foster played by Cierra Ramirez , Jesus (Hay-zouz) Foster, originally played by Jake .T Austin but now is played by Noah Centineo, Stef Foster who is a police officer  played by Teri Polo, Lena Adams whose the vice principle of the charter school all the kids go to played by Sherri Saum. So Stef and Lena are the moms of the family stef was married to a man named Mike but the separated and had there only biological son Brandon then they adopted the twins Jesus (Hay-zouz) and Mriana when they came in as foster kids. then Jude and Callie came in as foster kids but now are adopted. it is a great show that is very intertaining.

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1 thoughts on “My Favorite Show!

  1. Kenzie

    I love how you decided to tell us about the characters, for me that is a stand still, it really pulls me in. I also like how you give us a little bit of description of whats going on, but not to much. You could use the word the word then a little bit less, but other then that great blog.


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