October 20

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Battle field 1 is a game that goes back to WW1 And WW2. I like this game not only because I like shooting games but because I like it most of all because of the good graphics and because of all the older war weapons. when you play the game you are in first person shooter unless your are in a vehicle such as: Tanks, “Light, Heavy, Machine Gun, And Armored” Planes, “Bomber, Machine gun, Heavy Machine Gun” Jeeps, Armored, and regular” And “Horses” “Not really a vehicle but you can still ride it.” The special guns in the game are really only the “Flame Thrower” And the Mounted turrets. The class’s you can be are “Support, Engineer, Medic, Soldier, and Heavy. Support has a sniper rifles and all the rest have a range of guns from Machine Guns, Shot Guns And others that are more advanced. The frags you have are grenades and smokes. The Only Map in the “Open Beta means you get to play for a few weeks for free” Were A Dessert Map And Now Science The game is released they made a new map in the jungle. Battle field 1 came out the other day I suggest if you like first person shooter games you should buy it because there are many “Dlc’s” to come out. Dlc’s means that they will make new maps and guns through the game. The End!

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