October 21


This week for my blog i’m going to rant about the hobbit. We started reading the Hobbit in class a couple of weeks ago, at first i was really into but then soon realized a lot of it was fake. My all Β time worst part so far is when Bilbo Baggins meets Gollum in the tunnel a finds out that Gollum lives in the middle of a lake which runs through the tunnel.I Β hate this because a tunnel can’t just have a lake run through it and in the book it says that Bilbo just steps over the lake and I know that could never happen. Another part in the book I hate is when Bilbo finds out that the gold ring makes you invisible. I hate this because Bilbo uses this power to get away from the Gollum. I say he’s pretty much a chicken for using this power.Β  That’s all I have to say about this crazy book!the-hoobit

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