November 10

Paper Airplane Flight lab

Today we are going to make paper airplanes and fly them around the room and we will do it all in the name of science.  We are going to do a formal lab in hopes of uncovering the prime conditions for flying our airplanes.  To do this we will be in small groups, make a goal, make educated guesses (hypothesis’), control variables and experiment.

circle airplane

You will need a copy of the all the materials below, a pencil, eraser, tape measure, a chair and also 2-3 pieces of each size of paper.  Go over these materials with your teacher and happy flying!

14.11.10 Flight Lab

science lab outline


Here is a sample lab write-up to help you too…       sample lab – launching erasers – second class lever lab

Here is a great youtube video that outlines what a proper lab write-up should include.

Here is a handy website that teaches you how to build these nifty airplanes we are using today



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