May 15

Year End Essential Outcomes Review – practice quizzes

It is that time of year when we are testing for all the essential Math outcomes.  Students are to use the study materials below to help prepare them for the upcoming Quiz.  More materials will be given out prior to the end of the week to assist in student preparation.  Be sure to use the videos below to help you with answering questions in the review that are giving you problems.


Review materials

review quizzes and materials for students-1xfnh7u


Gr. 7 5.2 quiz answer key – adding decimals

gr 7 adding and sub decimals answer key

Gr 7 adding and subtracting integers mid year review answer key

Gr. 8 squares and square roots review answer key

Gr 8 mult and div of integers answer key

gr 8 mult fractionws review answer key

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