April 21

Bob the robber

Bob was a man in his 30s 36 to be exact and he was a bank robber. He had no family growing up an he was in the foster care for several years till he was 18 then they sent him out of the care.

Bob had a couple of buddy’s that went through the same thing and they ended up being partners with bob in the robbery business. Bob and his buddy’s were professionals they already had alot of money and every thing they ever wanted but they were always a greedy group of people they always wanted more and more money. They all got a call from a big gun dealer in Chicago, and this guy wanted  bob and his friends to go and steal guns from a military base on the outskirts of Chicago. Bob didn’t take it in consideration at first but then his buddy mark told him how much they would make from the deal and then bob was interested.

Bob, mark, and Joey were the group and they only were going to do this deal if John ( gun dealer ) were to supply them with all the weapons and recourses that they needed to pull off a mission like this. Bob and his buddy’s never stole guns but they didn’t think it could be harder than robbing a bank.

They were on their way to the base in a military  truck and clothes that they got from John to sneak in. They end up getting there around 2:15 in the afternoon and they plan to find the guns location during the day and then proceed to steal the guns when it hits night and only a few soldiers are away incase attack. They found their escape route and proceeded to look around to see where the gaurd’s where located while taking night watch. Night was just around the corner and the escape truck was outside the base on the nearest highway. They found a good truck that had the keys in it on the camp grounds which  the truck would carry to the highway then dump it and take a new truck.

It was now 1:30 at night and this is when they wanted to take their shot and load up the guns in the crates and onto the truck. Bob went to grab the truck, mark was with the guns taking watch for any gaurds, and Joey was at the gate which would open the door to escape. Bob got the truck and brought it to the shack that had the guns inside them the guns were mp5s and 9mm and AR 15s that were  in the crate. John never shared the information what he was going to do with the guns and bob and his buddys didn’t care they just wanted the money. bob and mark start to load up the guns into this big military truck, they finish loading them up and they both hop in. They get to Joey and he presses the button then wipes it down for no tracks of them. they got the truck to the high way transported the guns from one truck to the other and then proceeded to burn the military truck for no traces. Then they get the guns to john and then john gives them the money. They go home and never end up getting caught and there still living life. THE END.

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