September 28

Orange Shirt Day Studies

Today we are going to discuss the impact of residential schools in Canada.  Students will get a base of information and knowledge using the power point shown in class.  Then watch  3 min. video to gain further perspective.  Then, students will work in small groups to discuss the 94 Calls to Action as layed out in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report.  To do this they will use the kid-friendly version linked below.  Student small groups will have 10 min. to discuss their page of the Calls to Action, pick one, and then plan what they might do in the real world with $1 000 000 to address that Call to Action.  When students are finished with their small group they may either a) use the reflection paper to write out the plan that their group made, b) write out a similar plan with their own adjustments , or, c) write a personal plan of their own design (if they wish to represent on their own).

Here is the link to the 3 min. video

Here is the link to the kid-friendly version of the Calls to Action


Here is the link to the reflection sheet for students to work on after meeting with their group.


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