April 29

Math – April 29 – bisectors (7) and prisms review (8)

This week the grade 7’s are completing their bisectors work with asssignment 8.4 while the grade 8’s are completing their unit on measurement of prisms.

Note: The grade 8’s are having a unit final quiz this Friday covering surface area and volume of rectangular, triangular and cylindrical prisms.

Gr. 7 Assignment: Grade 7’s are to complete assignment 8.4 (all questions).Β  Be sure to watch the video below closely to learn how to do all the examples from this assignment.

19.04.29 grade 7 – constructing angle bisectors 8.4-27ljguk

Gr. 8 Assignment:Β Grade 8 students have a cumulative unit quiz on surface area and volume of prisms this Friday.Β  To prepare Gr. 8’s are to review all measurement of prisms lessons and to complete the unit review and the practice test to prepare.Β  The specific assignment is…

-unit review: 2, 3, 6, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14, 15

-unit practice test: suggested to complete this but it is optional

Note: for more instruction on these concepts see the videos in the past lessons on measurement of solids.

19.04.29 grade 8 unit review – measurement of prisms – 4.1 – 4.7-xrj7ou

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