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The Disappearing

The Disappearing

Chapter 1

We started ambling toward the unstable house. I was there with some of my friends. Most of them refused to come with us, though. The only ones that decided to come were Autymn, Francesca, Dylan, Charlotte, Moxie, and Cameron.

Don’t ask us why we went, because we can’t give you an answer.  I knew Autymn and Francesca from school, we became friends in 8th grade. That summer before high school we meet Dylan, Cameron, Moxie and Charlotte at the summer carnival. That was two years back.

The lawn was unsullied, which just made it more eerie. The dwelling had mossy, curled shingles. The paint was peeling from the outer walls. The window frames were parting from the walls leaving openings. The door knob, once golden, was brown and rusted. The stone path leading to the house, was cracked and slowly disintegrating. The porch’s fence was losing bolts and was misshaped. It gave off an unearthly vibe.

We made it to the stairs leading up to the porch. Francesca went first, the stairs gave a chilling creak. We followed slowly. Francesca’s hand was shaking as she tentatively reached for the door knob. She slowly turned the knob.

The door opened deliberately into darkness. Francesca let out a scream. We all jumped back and started pivoting to run. We heard Francesca laughing behind us. I slapped her in the back of the head lightly. She kept laughing though. “Good job Francesca, you just got a free ticket to go into the house first,” Dylan called from behind. That made Francesca turn pale and stop giggling.

Francesca slowly, step by step, walked in. Autymn gave her a push from the back which ended with her falling forward. She caught her footing before she fell. We heard Charlotte scream. We turned back to see her franticly touching her hair. I saw a bat flying through the door. “You okay princess?” I asked. That ended with me getting back handed in the face.

We clicked our flashlights on. We could see mice scuttering across the floor. I saw with my peripheral vision, Moxie shudder beside me. There were two couches. Both torn and chewed be rats.  There was a shelf above a fireplace with dust and cobwebs on it. There were pictures of three boys and two girls. The pictures looked very old. It was faded, which made them look ghostly. Above it was a big portrait of a limber woman.  She was wearing a dark blue satin dress. There was white lace stitched on.  She had a pearl necklace with a matching bracelet and earrings. Her smile didn’t fit her for some reason. It had a sinister look to it.

We saw a staircase to the left of us. We tip toed to the bottom of the stairs. Autymn took the turn leading us up the stairs. The stairs creaked as we slowly placed our feet on each step. Dylan was behind everyone, making jokes and laughing at the fact that we were shaking.

Suddenly we heard a scream come from Dylan. We didn’t turn around since we thought he was joking. We heard a muffled sound. Autymn turned around. She turned back speechless. All that was left of Dylan was his red converse sneakers and a note that read, “Help me please, Help me!”  Then a shriek came from the walls. We sprinted up the stairs and turned sharply to the right. We ended up in a bedroom.

The bedroom had a king-sized bed in it. The moonlight shone into and through the broken window. The room lit up with a pale light. The same portrait, which hung above the fireplace, hung above the bed.  The wallpaper was peeling, like the paint on the outside of the house.

Moxie walked to the edge of the bed. All the sudden, Francesca screamed, “Moxie… run!” A wrinkled, partly disintegrated hand reached out, grabbed Moxie’s ankle and pulled her under it. Cameron ran to the bed, got on his hands and knees to look under the bed. He found nothing but Moxie’s black boots and another note like the one on Dylan’s converse sneakers. It had a different message though, “The clock is ticking, better save them!” There was a lightning strike, which lit up the room. The wooden door, of which we walked in earlier, slammed shut. Followed by another shriek from the walls.

Chapter 2…

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  1. kylaaems2017

    Nice story Mackenzie, it was amazing! It was funny when you said “You okay princess?” That made me laugh…


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