February 15


What if I told you people are different in their own ways, and what if I told you that some people are born different than other people, would you make it a big deal?

There is this man named Robert Hoge and he was born different. When he was born on July 23,1972, his legs were different; the right leg was only three-quarters the size of his left leg. In the hospital he was born, his mom and dad saw him but then Robert’s mom said ’’I wanted a normal baby because it is my birthday tomorrow, so take him away’’ and so the doctors took Robert and his mother was crying.

When Robert’s mother was out of the hospital, she told all four of the kid’s she had a baby boy, but he was born different from them, so she said’’ do you want me to bring him home,’’ the kids said ’’yes,’’ so they went the next day.

When they got to the hospital, they went to his room and said to the doctors ‘’we will keep him after all of the surgeries’’, so they were waiting for him to be done with all the face surgery’s.

When Robert was able to get out of the hospital, the parents went to go get him and told the kids to be nice to him. Once Robert came home, he was happy to be home and was able to go outside for the first time out of the hospital.

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