February 5

MY TOP 3 #2

today 2/5/2019 i will be doing my top 3 on food/suppers

3: Spaghetti, i like spaghetti especially with the meat sauce it gives the spaghetti more flavoring but i also like wrapping the spaghetti around a fork and eating it that way idk why but spaghetti is just really good and i like it alot.

2: My second favorite food is honey garlic wings, i absolutely love honey garlic wings the honey garlic is so tasteful with the wings the honey garlic flavor is every thing on the wings i like pepper wings but honey garlic just has better flavor and it is very good.

1: My first favorite food are chicken burgers they are my favorite especially the chubby chicken burgers from A&W they are so delicious and great, the mayonnaise that every restaurant has is better than regular mayo the may that a&w uses is very good with the chubby chicken burgers.

Any way this is all i have for today see you in my next top 3 this is reece signing off for now GOOODBYYEE!

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