September 14

Introduction to Particle Theory – Notes and Essential Questions

Today we are going to get an initial run at particle theory and molecules.  We have already discussed some elements of this but today we are going to go onto Discovery Techbook to take some initial notes on molecules and how they make up our universe.  To get to Discovery Techbook you need to visit the AEMS homepage and follow the provided link to the website.  Then students will use their regular school log in information to access their “assignment”.

Students are to complete the “Essential Question” below using the notes taken from online.  They are to submit their notes along with their complete answers to the questions.

Essential Questions:

  • What are molecules made of and what are their properties?

  • How are compounds different from the elements from which they are formed?

  • How can you predict how atoms will combine to form a molecule?

  • How can ionic compounds break into pieces?


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