May 29

Science – Mini-labs for Tuesday, May 30 – Heavy News and The Dancing Penny

For the following mini-labs students must use the same template as in our mini-labs from last week.

  • What I already know (or what I think) about this is…
  • My hypothesis is that…because…
  • My observations about the experiment are…
  • In conclusion:
    • revisit hypothesis
    • explain observations
    • what I learned

Mini-lab #1 – Heavy News

Today we will experiment with how surface area can affect air pressure on an object.  We will use newspaper, a stick, and a hammer to demonstrate.  Mr. Ewert will place the stick on the table with some of it hanging over the edge.  He will then strike the overhanging end.  Then he will repeat but after covering the table sitting portion of the stick with a large newspaper.

Download a copy of this lab here

17.05.30 8-3-09 – Air Pressure – Discrepant Event-1is0lj0

Watch this experiment here

Mini-lab #2 – The Dancing Penny

Today we will be talking about how gases have pressure and that it has a relationship to temperature.  Mr. Ewert will take a bottle, immerse it in cool water, empty it, wet a penny, place it on top to seal the bottle, and then wrap his hands around the bottle.  What will happen?  Why?

Watch an example of this experiment here.



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