May 25

The Princess Bride – Chapter 1 – Buttercup

Choose 2 of the 4 to answer in your duotoang

  1. What caused Count Rugen to stop paying attention to the Dutchess at the beginning of the novel?  Why do you think she asked Westley about feeding the cows? (Chp.1)
  2. What are the young women in town noticing about Buttercup?  What do they think of Buttercup?  In your opinion, is it true? (Chp.1)
  3. Why does it bother Buttercup that the Dutchess is paying attention to Westley?  Why do you think this is such as surprise for her? (Chp.1)
  4. Who emphatically and passionately professes his love for Buttercup? How does Buttercup respond to report of this character’s sudden and tragic death? (Chp.1)

***Completed on May 30th

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