May 19

Fidget Spinners (Micro Blog)

Today I am blogging about fidget spinners. I like using them because I find they help me focus. some people can not handle them because they just get distracted and use it as a toy. now it is a toy and I play with mine a lot but during school I just spin it while I work.

Right now I have a blue one that glows in the dark and its pretty good. I am getting a rainbow one that just looks normal and I am also getting a gold one that has spikes on it.  My blue one that I have has ball bearings in it but the two that I am getting have ceramic bearings.

Here’s the differences about ceramic and ball bearings:

Ball Bearings:                                  Ceramic Bearings:

*Spin decently well                          *Spin Very well

*Can get wet                                     *cant get wet

* Okay Bearings                                * great bearings

* once rusted there finished           * once rusted its finished

*can not be greased                          * can be greased


This is the end of my blog. Bye!

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