December 9

  • What sticks out to you (what do you notice within the picture)?

Well the first thing I noticed is that there walls are made up of sand and they don’t have a roof. And everyone has something on their head. I think there outside because they might not have enough money to make a building and I also noticed that they are on a matt and their shoes are not on their feet I don’t know why but I think it is because they don’t want the carpet to get dirty they are probably on a carpet because the sand gets really hot.

  • Considering the things you noticed what do you think those things say about the lives of the people in the picture?

I think that they might not have a lot of money and that is why they don’t have like an actual building. And some of them look like they just have towels on their head which means they probably don’t have hats and when I look at this picture I feel like they don’t have a lot of money

3) How do the people in the picture connect (or not connect) to you?

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