November 2

Discovery Science – Essential Questions to Answer

discovery scienceIn Discovery Science (there was a handy link to that page there if you missed it) you have an assignment to take notes on all the available resources and then answer the questions.

What you will be handing in:

  • One copy of your one-note document that includes all the documents you felt helped you to answer the questions
  • One good copy of your official responses to the questions.  This should include answers to the questions that are directly based on the research shown in your one-note document.

Note: Your One-note document cannot be just printed as it will likely have videos, links, or more in it.  As well, you might also want to do your official responses in one-note (like if you chose to press record and say your responses to the questions).  Since you can’t just print that stuff you will have to post it digitally either on your blog or by uploading it to your Edsby submission.

Here is a copy of the questions: Hint, you could copy and paste these into a word document and start your official answers there.

Essential Questions:

  • What are molecules made of and what are their properties?
  • How are compounds different from the elements from which they are formed?
  •      What is a molecule?
  •      What are some examples of molecules?
  •      What does a molecule look like?
  •      Are all molecules also compounds?
  •      Can you see molecules?
  •      How do the properties of compounds compare to the properties of the elements from which
  •      they are made?

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