January 18

Quickwrite Sharing – Share and Discuss

writer sharingStudents have been doing quickwrite assignments and today we are choosing which ones we would like to share with the group.  Students will need to ensure they have a printed copy of their quickwrite that they are willing to share with the group.  We will sit together in groups and take turns sharing our written work.  Students will be sharing the strengths and also suggestions for improvement.  We will be using a work sheet called “peer revising questions” to guide our conversation.  Students will submit their questions as an exit slip following the meeting on Tues. afternoon (Jan. 20).

By work-shopping our work we share creatively for future writing.

15.01.20 peer revising questions

January 8

Quickwrite – Thursday, January 8

Quick-WriteToday you can choose from one of the 3 topics written below.  To do this exercise you will…

  • choose one of 3 options for your write
  • first make a timed mind map that shows your initial thinking about the topic.
  •  Then you will take that mind map and use it to plan out what you are going to write.  You will do this by highlighting the ideas from your mindmap that you plan to include in your written work.
  • Once you have your planning ready you will begin writing.

Your final written piece will be posted to your blog and then submitted on paper.  Be sure to attach your mind map work along with your writing to show your process.

Writing Options:

-One thing I am proud of is…

-School would be so much better if…

-This is a story about something that never happened to me.


Due: Tues. Jan. 13

January 8

Trash – Literacy Circles Practice

literacy circlesStudents will be starting literature circles very soon.  We are learning our literature circle jobs while finishing our class novel “Trash” by Andy Mulligan.  Students are asked to complete various roles that show how they understand and reflect on the novel.

Download the section of “Trash” that we are reading by using the link below

15.01.08 Trash – Andy Mulligan – part 4

See the different jobs that literature circles has by using the links below

14.05.12 artful artist

14.05.12 discussion director

14.05.12 journal prompts

14.05.12 literary luminary

14.05.12 meaning connections

14.05.12 summarizer