September 29

Editing for Paragraphs

Today we are going to talk about paragraphs. There is a link below to a document that has been written properly except that it needs to be broken into paragraphs.

Your Assignment:
-download a copy of the assignment
-save the assignment to your documents with the title “editing for paragraphs – your name
-using Microsoft word separate the text into proper paragraphs
-highlight the different sentences (using the key written on the assignment) to separate the different topics into different paragraphs
-save your assignment again
-upload it to your blog along with a picture that relates to the topic of the assignment

-make it a category called “English Language Arts”

Your blog posting should include…
-a link to your completed assignment
-a picture that relates to the topic

-was your category set in your post?
-a short personal reflection about you doing the assignment14.09.30 classic cars essay paragraph correct assignment
–possible topics in your reflection MIGHT include…
*was it hard?
*do you like the topic?
*do you think you could write like this?


Click on the link below to download your assignment

14.09.29 paragraphs to correct

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