September 9

Quickwrite – Choose 1 of 3 Options

elaChoose one of the 3 options and write at least 200 words (or about 15 minutes minimum) about the topic in your rough draft notebook.


  1. If you could create the greatest movie of all time what would it be?
  2. This is why I think the sky changes colour during a sunset.  (this one could totally be fictional with imagination)
  3. You are flipping through the channels on TV one Saturday, waiting for your pizza to be delivered. On the coffee table sits an open can of soda. You don’t remember getting the soda, but you live alone and haven’t had anyone over recently, so it must be yours. You take a sip as the…
September 8


Today we studied how line can be used to express emotion, depth, and various effects.  We experimented with how there are many different types of line, and how lines can be used to create mood.

We observed zentangles.  Zentangles are made by using line and pattern. Students observe examples and created their own.


click the links below to see examples of zentangles



-more ideas

September 7

Hello and Welcome to Our Learning Community

16.09.07 Mr. Ewert AvatarI am very excited to welcome you to our class.  There are so many things to do and we haven’t even said “hello”.

Today we are going to learn all about our class will (could) look like depending upon how we function together as a community.  We will start with some conversation, do some activities and do a lot of spinning the wheel the help orient ourselves.

Check out the links on this blog to get you familiar with things…

Spin the wheel to get trained on how things work here.