February 10

the displaced

1. how many people have been driven from their homes?

60 millon people were driven from their homes.

2. how many of those people have been children?

half of them are children.



3. why doesn’t hana go back home to syria?

because she hates the war in syria.

4. what does hana want to do when the war is over?

she try’s to have a group of people to rebuild the community.


5.what would chuol do if he could?

he would of said “no” dont blow up the community.


February 9

This afternoon we are working on our “Show and Share” presentations for ‘I Love to Read Month’

i love to read monthThis month is “I Love to Read Month”. To help us celebrate each student is required to share one book of their choice. Students are to find a book that they would like to share and then give a short presentation about the book.

In this presentation students should:

  • Share a copy or picture of the book itself
  • Share the basic plot of the storyline (without spoilers preferred)
  • Tell what it is about the book that they like so much such as what catches their interest, connects them to the story and more.
  • What type of audience would want to read this book (who they would suggest it to).

Students are encouraged to share in depth about the book and attempt to draw their audience into the presentation. Students may:

  • Dress up as a character from the book
  • Bring in items related to the book such as props from the story, a food item, or an artifact from the storyline.
  • Create a handout of some wort that can be shared with the students.
  • Utilize multimedia such as powerpoint, a powtoon presentation, a video they personally prepared (and many other options).

I love to read month is a celebration of reading that includes books of all kinds ranging from early years picture books to lengthy novels and non-fiction. Students are able to use many forms of books for their presentations.

Students will be scored on their presentation based on the rubric

presentation rubric

February 1


Today you’re quick right is about this picture. You could tell what is happening in this picture or talk about the person inside of it. You could tell what happened before this picture was taken. Pretty much any reaction you have that is creative and from your own mind that connects to this picture.the-fantastic-flying-books-of-mr-morris-lessmore-9781442457027.in01