February 10

So much choices…

So over the past week I have been playing games on the PC like Unturned and Skyrim with Mike and TJ. It’s really fun but I can’t explain why, is it because i’m hanging with friends? or is it because its fun picking on Tj and mike! someday I will run them over with a supercar in unturned and their stuff, jk.

And on my Xbox my friends get so mad at the game and can’t focus on a funny conversation because their to competitive, they seriously need to calm down. But anyways on pc  I can hang out with mike and Tj and the games I still love to this day like Skyrim.

Although there is some problems like my PC, its not the greatest but I can run some small games, and it just barely makes the cut for Skyrim. It only has like 6gb of ram and a AMD Radeon graphics card  but im not to sure if that’s good.

Anyways time to get to the main part of this blog, im not quite sure what to get either a PS4 for Bloodborne  or a PC to hang with mike and TJ because they are hilarious, and there reaction to getting mugged on unturned…


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3 thoughts on “So much choices…

  1. tjewbs1

    I like how you inclued me and mike but
    1. You get mugged too
    2. get a P.C because they might be making bloodborne for the P.C


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