February 7

Open World Learning Assignment – Presenting your Progress

93lKbicDYjcThe time has come to appeal to the investors to continue to invest in your studies.  For several weeks you have had time to complete the academic or personal study of your choice and the time has come to present your findings, learnings, or developing skills.  Your job is to present to the class (the investors) to show that you have used your time wisely, thought about your learning, followed through with your goals, and then reflected and considered new directions.  If you present well to us you may be approved for further invested time in your person open-world learning project.

What your presentation should include:

  • Introduction to your project explaining what your overall goals were.
  • Explain the smaller goals you made to achieving your overall goals.
  • Show us any additional documentation that you may have made to help you such as a smaller list of achievements, a chart, etc.
  • Show us your calendar or a journal or explain how you scheduled your work times in order to achieve your goals.
  • Show us any materials (resources) you may have used to help you complete your open-world project.
  • Present the progress of your project:
    • What did you make?
    • What skills have you developed?
    • What do you have that shows you developed in your learning/skill?

The main purpose: you want to convince us that you have worked hard and made progress.  If we think you have then we will approve you for further investments of class time.

Remember: you will also be a Dragon who judges the presentations similar to those on Dragon’s Den.  21.02.26 dragon den forms for students (and will also be used to judge your own presentation).

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