April 29

Why my parents should put me in football

Welcome back to my bog today I will be talking about why my parents should put me in football. You want to know why my parents should put me in football because its a fun sport to play its, and I really like to play the sport good for your health, its a good exercise, it one of the most popular in the world and I will get to play with my cousin.

Football is 9th for most popular sport in the world and 1st in the United States of America, and over 39o- 400 million people watch football. Football is also my favorite sport, and I always play with my brothers and cousins, and since my cousin also play football he will be on my team. I have been asking my mom to put  me in football for two years. If you say it will cost a lot of money it doesn’t  as much as the other sports I have played.

Football is good for you because it improves mental health reduces body fat, improves coordination, improves muscles strength, and increase bone strength as well. Some people might say it is super easy to get hurt but it isn’t it is as easy to get injured as in every other contact sport.


My mom should put me in football because its good for you it is a very fun sport to play and I will be playing with my cousin.

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