October 28

Jabber Play Critique

Today your assignment is to create a critique of the play “Jabber”.  To do this you need to get a copy of the assignment from Mr. E.  Or you can download a copy by clicking the link below.

14.10.28 Play Critique Assignmentjabber

Things to Remember:

  • This is a writing assignment.  This means that your assessment is based on your writing including your choice of words, your amount of detail, writing mechanics, and more.
  • Read through the rubric on the back of the assignment.  You need to fill in the rubric when you hand it in.  This time you must also write in the rubric boxes telling Mr. E why you think you deserve that grade. Any assignments that are incomplete or do not have a rubric properly filled out will not be accepted.

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1 thoughts on “Jabber Play Critique

  1. rileywbs1

    Dear mr ewert
    I noticed that it does not say what category. So what is it.

    Hi Riley. You are right, I had forgotten to do that. Thank you for taking the time to research and find out. The category should the English language arts.


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