April 8

Quickwrite – Eye of the Storm

Today we watched a rock video with a cinematic story called “Eye of the Storm”.  Students are asked to reflect on the storyline of the video.  Students may either choose one of the following writing prompts (listed below) or make one up of their own.  Students are reminded that their writing responses need to follow the format shown below.

Writing Prompts:

What is the back story to this video?

Who is the main character and what do they want?

What does this video make you think of?

What is it really about?


April 5

Math – April 5

The Grade 7/8 Assignment: Grade 7 textbook, working on assignment 8.1 and 8.2.  On 8.1 they are to complete #’s

19.04.12 grade 7 – parallel and perpendicular lines – 8.1-8.2-18jxzej

Below is the original lesson for this using pencil, paper, and geometry tools (feel free if you have those to do this the original way.  If you don’t have a geometry set I have made another video (below) that shows how to use this handy online tool to complete your assignment.  Note: I have not tested this on an iphone etc.  I anticipate it may not work on them.  However, a quick search on the app story reveals MANY options for apps you can use to do this, then take screen shots for you to use.  Or, you could try installing a browser that uses flash such as flashfox and then the link below should work for you even on an apple device.

Here is the link for a great hands on tool to do geometry on a pc or device.  It is the website I used to make the video lesson below.


The Grade 8 Assignment: Grade 8’s will complete questions 4 – 15 of assignment 4.8 “Volume of a Right Cylinder”

19.04.1521 Grade 8 – volume of cylinders – 4.8-uy8t6i

April 4

Writing a Mystery

Today we are going to begin to write a mystery story.  To do this you must first pre-plan all the action.  In a way, you will need to “reverse engineer” the story by working backwards from the end.  This allows you to plant all the necessary clues so youur story can grow over time and lead the reader on an adventure.

To start our planning we observed the two documents linked below and worked with them together as a class.  We first brainstormed to practice using them and then worked inividually on our own stories.

20.12.15 janplanmystery

20.12.15 jan_ingredientsmystery