January 24

Ancient Egypt Role Playing

A Day in the life of the pyramid builders in Ancient Egypt

Students are going to prepare for a role-playing activity.  The assignment is to read through the material in the link below and complete the research on your role/character. Then, the next day, we are going to do some role-playing conversations to prepare ourselves to convince the Vizier that, as labourers, we need a pay raise to build the pyramids.

23.01.24 Ancient Egypt Role play activity

Tuesday: Prepare for the role

Wednesday: Practice conversations and planning of the argument

Thursday: Writing out our argument to the Vizier (persuasive writing)

For any students that are absent:  You will not be selected a role. Instead, you may role a dice to choose which row your role is, and then roll again for which job from left to right.  That way you will also receive a random role similar to those that were in class.

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