April 11

Today is Grade 5-6 Art we are working on a landscape drawing of a polar region inspired by the artist Ted Harrison.  Students will use pencil crayons, charpies, and markers to complete by following along with the video below.

April 11

Global Happiness – a Measurement for 2022

Today we discussed what makes a person happy and how can we measure it on a global scale?  We got together in small groups to discuss what defines happiness, and what can a country do to provide that for it’s citizens.  Then we looked at this online source with some gathered data to further our discussion.  Students were tasked with an exit slip answering the question: “what can a country do to provide their citizens to become a healthy and happy society?”  Students were provided 15 min. to write on this topic and submit.

Mapped: Global Happiness Levels in 2022


April 8

The Marshmallow Tower Challenge 2.0

Today we got into groups of 4.  We are now informed about our practice and working in larger groups to design, build, and test our towers based on what we have learned.  Students are following up with an exit slip in the following format (pic below)

Students are highly encouraged to integrate vocabulary words from the list below to help them to scientifically explain their design successes and failures.

April 5

Tower Building Challenge

Today we are building towers as part of the famous Tower Building Challenge.  Students will be filling out the 22.04.05 ted talks – tower team building.  They need to follow the directions using only the materials that are outlined in the assigned material.  Mr. Ewert will be taking pictures of the towers to share in a follow up assignment.

Here is the follow up Ted Talk for the 2nd portion.  We will be covering this in the following day.