March 13

Integers Review

We have been doing our MRLC tests and have found that a review of integers is necessary (after all, it WAS about 6 moths ago that we were studying them).  So, here it is, the integers review.  Watch the Math Antics video below to review your work prior to completing the assigned pages.  Both grade 7 and 8 are doing the smae work this week as both skills are needed.  Plus, it is very apparent that many students need to remember the difference between + and – versus mult. and div. as some students rely too heavily on algorythms, thus making them have mistakes they clearly see in review.  So for this week, both grade 7s and 8s are adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.

Remember: for each instructional video there is full access to the “Exercises” video at where you can log in using my user name and password (in the am message from Teams).

Worksheets will be provided in class (and are available when you log in to Math Antics online – see above paragraph)

Adding and Subtracting integers

Multiplying and Dividing integers

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