March 10

U15 is not playing anymore/my hockey right now

Unfortunately theย  u15 Arborg hockey team is out of the season in regular games.

Even though the team that i get called up to play for is done we still have are team and are playoffs haven’t even started yet cause the teams are going to provincials and we have to wait until provincials is over to start playoffs probably versingย  teams such as warren, stony, lakeside, stonewall are the teams that are going to try to beat us to go to the banner. The u15 Arborg team got kicked out of playoffs by Fair Ford they lost their first game in Arborg then they went into fair ford and lost in fair ford so they are out for the season and will only be going to practices and playing Exhibition games for the rest of the season.

I am pretty excited cause I am heading of to Brandon to spend the weekend in a hotel forย  our provincials which is going to be really fun and I hope we do pretty good this weekend and hope fully come back with some sort of medal. If we win gold we would be one of the only teams in Arborg to bring back a banner to hang up in the home town arena. Most of our team thinks we are going to go into provincials and wipe all the teams but I have been to several different provincials and it is going to be harder than they expect there are going to be some insane kids in provincials that we are going up against.

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