December 1

Mind Maps and Grid Maps

Students are working on Geography in Social Studies.  This week they are working from mind maps to grid maps.  On. Wed. the students are going to do a mind map of planet Earth.  They will be given a large piece of paper to create, from memory to the best of their ability, a map of planet Earth complete with as much detail as they think they are able to include from the 7 continents, to lines of latitude and longitude etc. (see the list below).  Then we will get together with partners to see what they had that we could have included in our own.

Then, on Thurs. students are going to be given a large piece of grid paper to work on their more formal map. Students will then have access to an atlas to help them to make a detailed map with all the elements in the list below.  They will also use their pencils and crayons to create a full colour representation.

Hint: at a later day, we will once again do a mental map to see how much we have learned: be ready.

Some materials used in class:

Grid printed for class

21.11.29 graph-paper-eighth-inch

Rubric for assignment

21.12.02 grid mapping rubric

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